Information about exocad libraries

If you wish to get your exocad libraries checked and signed, please proceed as follows:

Step 1) 

Select one of the following options for the technical integration of your data:

1) Actual geometries, suitable for milling in-house.

  • The data is provided to all registered exocad customers via the exocad download portal.
  • This accessibility is subject to a license agreement that must be entered into with exocad.
  • Free data integration
  • Free use by end customers (no need to activate libraries)

2) “Modified” geometries that can only be used by your own milling center.

  • The data is managed by you and is optionally provided in designated folders via the download portal.
  • You can, although it is not required, enter into a license agreement with exocad.
  • The integration of “support meshes” costs €120 per mesh (all other meshes are integrated free of charge).
  • Free use by end customers (no need to activate libraries)

Important note: For every library you would like to have signed, select one of the two options. It is not possible to combine different options within a single implant library directory.

Step 2)

Send your request to, stating your desired option. We will then inform you about the next steps.

Step 3)

Following initial contact and a review of your request, we will send you all the information you need to create DentalCAD and Model Creator libraries.

Step 4)

As soon as you have finished creating your libraries, send the data to Make sure you include an appropriate subject line (manufacturer, library name/type) and compress the data into a .zip folder before sending.

Step 5)

exocad will test and integrate the data, if no modifications are necessary. If any questions arise, you will receive a direct reply to your inquiry ticket with a request to correct the data. Once the integration is successful, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to download the data from our portal.

Important information about submitting library data:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):