Information about Implant Data

Implant libraries for exocad may come in two flavours, signed and unsigned. A signed library is a library that has been tested by exocad and is shipped along with the Dental CAD software.

Get your implant data checked and signed

If you wish to get your implant data checked and signed, please proceed as follows:

As an OEM or an implant/implant part manufacturer

Please contact us to get your data signed and integrated into our software. Typically, this is a free service; however depending on the type of data and the licensing conditions, we may in some cases charge for data analysis/integration. Further details are available on request.

Please note: A prerequisite for signing implant data is that a license agreement is in place that gives exocad the right to integrate and ship the data together with the exocad software. Please contact us for further information, or to obtain a license agreement.

As an end user

Please contact the reseller from which you have purchased your exocad license for further information on how to get your data integrated.

Unsigned libraries

An unsigned library is a library that you have created yourself, without exocad getting involved in any way. The exoImplantEditor only performs very basic checks on the correctness of the meshs, so self-made libraries may have issues that lead to malfunction of the software. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to use unsigned libraries, except for testing purposes. The exocad software will display multiple warning messages if you use an unsigned library.

Please note: exocad does not accept any bug reports for any datasets that were created using unsigned libraries.