Rapid collaboration by exchanging cases from within the exocad software platform.

Fast, secure, and easy data transfer

It’s more than just ‘upload to milling center’ - we aim to cover the full spectrum of multi-directional digital data transfer between clinicians, dental technicians, and production centers for you.

dentalshare enables distributed workflows and efficient online collaboration. We use next-generation compression technology, combined with a robust transfer protocol, so that even big datasets travel through unreliable mobile network connections and restrictive firewalls with ease. For example, the recipient can start downloading a large file before the sender has finished uploading it. All transfers utilize state-of-the-art encryption technology and are fully verified once received.

For maximum reliability and fast network throughput, exocad operates its own redundant, distributed server infrastructure with multiple gigabit internet connections and server locations around the world.

No per-transfer fees*, no commission

With dentalshare, we won’t gnaw away at your profit margin. There’s no per-transfer fee, nor do we accept commissions from production centers.

*Subject to fair usage policy

Interested in learning more?

Check out our dentalshare videos

exocad Quick Guide: Learn how to use dentalshare for efficient collaboration between dental partners

exocad Quick Guide: How to set up a dentalshare account

dentalshare webview

Your exocad designs. On all devices. Wherever you go.
The new way of sharing interactive 3D previews of your exocad CAD designs 

You want to share your exocad DentalCAD design with ease? Simply export your design as an encrypted link and share it online with anyone via dentalshare. Open this link in a browser on your desktop, your tablet or mobile phone to experience an interactive, true 3D preview of your CAD design.

  • 1-Click-Export: Your CAD design as HTTPS link via dentalshare online service 
  • 1-Click-Export: Your CAD design as HTML file
  • 100% web-based, no extra software required (Recommended: Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Perfectly integrated in the dentalshare communication workflow
  • Supports password protection
  • Use our native iOS and Android apps to get the best experience and performance
    • Open your files via app extensions directly from other apps
    • Open and view files stored in the cloud (supports all kinds of services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud Drive)
  • Supports all types of open mesh data, ZIP-files containing mesh data and point cloud data (e.g. .STL, .OBJ, .PLY, .OFF, .EOFF, .XYZ, .XYZNB)
  • Supports annotations, textured meshes and vertex colors
  • Wireframe mode - Check the data quality on the go
  • Full multilanguage support: 11 languages available
  • One easy to use experience, unified on all devices

Free tools and samples

Try it now by using our free web-based 3D STL viewer. Just click the link and open a 3D file of your choice: 

Open web-based 3D STL viewer

You do not have a 3D CAD design at hand? Check out our examples:


Try out free of charge!

Transparency and privacy

As a dentalshare user, you’re in complete control of what data is being sent, and when. We know some information you will not want to share with the recipient of your dataset. For example, a dental technician sending a dataset to another lab for milling might not want to disclose the dentist he works for.

Why choose exocad?

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    Faster workflows, improved proficiency

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    It’s easy to use and to reach your high expectations

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    Flexibility as you require it

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    Reliability you can trust

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    Independent & innovative

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    Truly future-proof

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