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We offer our customers two different license models with a total of three options. You can choose between a Perpetual License with an optional upgrade contract or a subscription-based Flex License. exocad offers the right license for every application.

Flex License

The Flex License is a subscription-based model with various benefits, such as a low initial cost and flexible activation/ deactivation of modules. Regular upgrades are included in the price. The Flex License is the right choice for those who like to play it safe.

Perpetual License

The Perpetual License is a permanent license that is valid indefinitely. With an optional upgrade contract, you can benefit from continuous improvements and ensure your software is always up to date. In addition, you can also activate add-on modules (at additional cost) and access dentalshare free of charge. You can cancel the upgrade contract at any time without incurring additional cost and thus reduce your running cost. The Perpetual License ensures that you always have everything you need to work – regardless of your financial situation. This is the right license model if you prefer long-term planning security.

Comparison of license models

Perpetual License without upgrade contract
Perpetual License with upgrade contract
Flex License

For a smooth workflow with 3D printers; Designs are directly transferred to 3D printing software from DentalCAD

Upgrade included
New software version including new and advanced functions, libraries, optimizations and patches

Included for 1st year after initial activation*

Access to dentalshare
Quick and effective multi-directional digital data exchange via the exocad software platform

Included for 1st year after initial activation*

Access to library download portal
Quick and effective multi-directional digital data exchange via the exocad software platform

Included for 1st year after initial activation*

Activation of add-on modules
Expansion of the core version by up to 15 modules for maximum flexibility and additional indications (at additional cost)

Optional for 1st year after initial activation*

Replacement of defective dongles
Quick and free replacement of defective dongles

Included for 1st year after initial activation*

Deactivation of modules
Deactivation of modules that are no longer needed; Savings on annual upgrade fees

Replacement of lost dongles
Quick and free replacement of lost or stolen dongles

Perpetual License
License without runtime limitation

* If the upgrade contract has not been canceled


Information on Perpetual Licenses: While our Perpetual Licenses generally have unlimited validity, technical progress in hardware and software development can mean that these licenses cannot be used for an indefinite period. Since legacy licenses may not be compatible with new operating systems or computers, certain situations may require an upgrade to a current exocad software for secure operation. Example: The legacy license in question is only compatible with operating system versions for which the manufacturer no longer offers security updates.

Need to upgrade your software version?

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Products and license types

Perpetual License
Flex License




Medical Device Software exclusively available with Flex License

We offer all Medical Device Software (including ChairsideCAD and exoplan) exclusively via a subscription-based licensing model. The reason is that our Medical Device Software should always be under maintenance, so that in the unlikely event of a safety issue with the product, an update of the software can be provided. Our policy has always been to provide maintenance free of charge for one year after the initial purchase of our software, and to provide software updates only for licenses that are currently under maintenance. While we do provide permanent licenses for our non-medical products (such as exocad DentalCAD, targeted at dental labs), which users can continue to use indefinitely even out of maintenance, this is not the case for our Medical Device Software. These products will no longer function if subscription is not renewed. Permanent licenses - which can be used indefinitely - are not available for our Medical Device Software. According to Regulation (EU) 2017/745, which applies to these products, medical devices must have a determined lifetime.

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