CAM integration

Tool path calculation back-ends for exocam

Thanks to close cooperation with leading CAM vendors, exocad DentalCAD interacts smoothly with a variety of third-party CAM solutions.

Due to the open architecture of exocam, third-party software can be used for the actual tool path calculation. The result is a seamlessly integrated CAD/CAM software.

System integrators can purchase a fully integrated CAM module that includes a tool path calculation provided by Moduleworks, Pi Dental or Sum3D. Alternatively, there is a nesting-only version of exocam available, and the tool path calculation can be performed by Moduleworks, Pi Dental, Sum3D or any other CAM provider.

XML-based data exchange

The XML-based data exchange provides an interface to an ever wider range of third-party CAM programs. exocad DentalCAD provides a "Construction Information File" with all required information to ensure a smooth workflow with third-party CAM systems.

Third-party CAM programs featuring workflow integration with exocad DentalCAD
Dental Softworks DSCAM
MillBox CAM dental
Sescoi WorkNC DENTAL

For open (STL-based) versions of exocad DentalCAD, any other dental CAM software able to read STL files can also be used, albeit without the benefits of a smooth workflow integration.

How to purchase exocad software

exocad does not sell directly but partners with many system integrators. For product support, offers or more information please contact one of our partners.

Please note: ChairsideCAD and exoplan are certified as Medical Devices for distribution in selected countries only. For further details please contact your reseller.

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