Want to learn more about exocad software?

  • Our resellers are a great first stop for training and support. Browse the list of our resellers.
  • Reseller training centres are operated by resellers who have a strong focus on training and support, in addition to selling exocad software.
  • exocad’s Independent certified trainers are those who have been individually trained, tested, and certified by exocad. They work independently from our resellers and do not sell exocad licenses themselves. They offer educational courses on topics that they have been certified to teach by exocad. These courses are available in many different languages, online or in-person in a variety of regions.
  • You can also book introductory trainings in English and German on specific topics like add-on modules or release highlights, as well as customized personal training sessions with the exocad team through our webshop.
  • Other training partners are companies who offer training and have a close partnership with us.

Reseller training centers

Reseller training centers are operated by resellers with a proven focus on training and support for exocad products. Here we list partners who have many years of experience in training and support, specifically for exocad, and who have also built up the infrastructure for online and onsite training.


Independent certified exocad software trainers

exocad’s independent certified trainers are professional exocad software users (power users and experts) who have been certified by exocad through a rigorous exam process. These trainers provide courses on official exocad software to users worldwide, independent of our resellers.

To find a trainer specialized in the product of your choice, click on DentalCAD or exoplan. A drop-down list will appear with the trainers' names. Click on their names and you will be directed to their individual websites. You can see the language(s) of the courses, the country, whether it's in-person or remote learning and the name of the associated training center.


Personalized training sessions in our webshop

Would you like to receive training from one of our exocad experts? You can purchase an individual training session in our webshop. Everything from DentalCAD and exoplan basics, personal Q&A sessions and system check-ups are available. You may include up to 25 people from your lab in the session, record the session for later viewing, and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

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Other training partners

Other training partners are companies who also offer training and with whom we have a very close partnership.