Tooth Library

Tooth Library

DentalCAD Add-on Module

Extensive library of beautiful natural teeth

exocad DentalCAD can be enhanced with tooth libraries

For those who prefer an even wider choice, exocad’s add-on module Tooth Library  provides an additional extensive library of beautiful natural teeth including 61 sets of upper-arch anterior teeth, 19 sets of lower-jaw anterior teeth, 19 sets of upper-arch posteriors and 19 sets of lower-jaw posteriors. The add-on module is the perfect esthetic base for your restorative designs with its vast tooth libraries. You can easily and individually make adjustments to all predefined teeth for maximum flexibility. All library teeth are fully anatomical and reproduced according to natural morphologies for optimum results.

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With the module purchase you’ll get a total of:

The ZRS library includes tooth shapes based on the “Anteriores” collection by Dr. Jan Hajtó. To assist technicians in using the library, a full color book, poster, and models for each set of teeth are available from 3rd parties.

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