xSNAP Module

xSNAP Module

DentalCAD Add-on Module

First dental models with printable articulator


Save time and effort checking natural jaw movements with the xSNAP Module

The xSNAP Module makes it possible to perform articulation movement without manually articulating printed models.


3D-articulated system

The xSNAP Module’s 3D-articulated system features a spherical head that, unlike the familiar clip-fold articulators, allows not only opening and closing movement but also precisely executed protrusion and laterotrusion.


No manual articulation needed

Four different articulator inclinations and two optional incisal tables allow the user to perform articulation movement of the models without having to manually articulate the printed models.


Adjust for your preference

Joint guidance dynamically adjustable for each printer and personal preferences.


xSNAP add-on module is available from your reseller or at our webshop as a library for exocad's Model Creator  module.

"I evaluate complex cases with models. Now, we save time and have the accuracy and flexibility of both printed models and articulation in one item with xSNAP."

Dr. Gulshan Murgai
UK dentist and lab owner

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