Full Denture Module

Full Denture Module

DentalCAD Add-on Module

Digital design of full dentures

Our FullDentureModule  provides a guided workflow for designing highly esthetic full dentures.

Model analysis can be performed digitally. The results will drive an automatic full-arch tooth setup suggestion. FullDentureModule  supports different types of production processes, including two-step milling, printed denture bases and monolithic printed dentures (e.g. for try-ins). Take maximum advantage of the digital revolution in denture production!

Download an overview of FullDenture libraries
Automatically suggested tooth setup
Wizard Mode
Free forming
Tooth setup
Digital design of full dentures
Adapting the denture base
Blocking out the model and designing the prosthetic
Defining correction areas
Tooth placement
Designing the denture base
Defining the occlusal plane
Analysis finished


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