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Always stay up to date with our upgrade contracts! Upgrade old licenses with our Refresh Program

How do I get maximum value from exocad’s innovations?

Digital dentistry and dental technologies nowadays advance at such a rapid pace – and one of the main drivers are innovative software solutions. Only those who keep up-to-date will be able to exploit the full potential of digital dentistry. For this reason, we are continuously and relentlessly developing state-of-the-art solutions for you and your business.

As you know, your exocad Perpetual License is permanent - so you can keep using your current software indefinitely. In order for you to realize maximum value from exocad’s innovations and the ongoing delivery of technical enhancements, you need a respective upgrade contract. Older software versions without the upgrade contract cannot be updated with new functionality.

The benefits of keeping your software under upgrade contract:

Additional indications to enhance your lab’s offering

Possibility to add modules

More automation to improve your productivity

Enhanced integration with third-party devices

Access to the latest material and implant libraries

Continued access to dentalshare

Continued access to reseller support

What do I get if I bring my license up-to-date?

As a matter of fact, we are improving the exocad software platform with each and every release. For example, our DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina release include many extensive innovations – more precisely, over 90 new functions and over 80 significant enhancements compared to the previous version. If you are still working with an older software version, you cannot access any of these new and exciting features.

What is the cheapest way to stay up-to-date?

When you purchase a new exocad license, a one-year upgrade contract is included. The least expensive and easiest way for you to keep your software up-to-date afterwards is to simply extend the upgrade contract. Annual upgrade contract prices start at only 680€ (recommended retail price, RRP) for the Core Version. With this annual upgrade contract amount, you are entitled to receive upgrades and can thus benefit from all features of the latest software version!

What if my upgrade contract expired recently?

If your upgrade contract expired within the last 90 days and you wish to upgrade to the latest software version again, contact your reseller immediately to take advantage of the grace period and pay only a single annual fee. This will extend your upgrade contract by one year, starting from the last contract end date.

What if my upgrade contract expired a long time ago?

In case you own a Perpetual License and your upgrade contract expired a longer time ago – no matter how long – you still have a chance to get access to software upgrades at a reasonable cost, thanks to our new Refresh Program. Here, in addition to a single annual fee, a one-time Refresh Fee is applied, which is independent of the age and the modules of your software license. It’s a great way to get old and outdated licenses up to date, for a price that’s significantly lower than the price of a new software license

Refresh Program

What do I get exactly?

Our Refresh Program will provide you with not just one but two software versions! After your upgrade, you can immediately and fully access all the exciting features of our latest DentalCAD3.1 Rijeka release. But what’s more: you will automatically benefit from the next software release and its state-of-the-art solutions without any additional cost!

How much does it cost?

In the past, the fee for your software upgrade was calculated according to the number of years you have missed. Therefore, upgrading old licenses was fairly expensive. Not anymore! Our Refresh Program is even more transparent and straightforward: a one-time refresh fee plus a single annual upgrade contract amount ensure that you stay up to date for the next 12 months – as you get not only one but two software versions!

The Refresh Fee comes at a fixed price – regardless of how old your license is – plus an additional annual fee for the next 12 months. The latter depends on which and how many modules you have activated. Here is an example: The RRP for the Refresh Fee is 1,500 €. The annual upgrade contract fee for the Core Version (without additional modules) starts at 680 €. This means that for as little as 2,180 € you are provided with two software versions, even if your current software in use is already 9 years old! Your reseller may, of course, grant you additional discounts.

What happens to the modules that I own?

Any modules that you purchased previously will also be upgraded to the latest version.

How do I participate?

Participating in the Refresh Program is easy and hassle-free. Just contact your reseller to upgrade to the latest software version. If you require training and support to familiarize yourself with the latest functionality, your reseller will be happy to help.

What if I end the upgrade contract?

If you ever choose to cancel an upgrade contract, your right to upgrade the software ends immediately, but your license will stay permanent - so you can keep using the software indefinitely. There is no “opt-out fee”, you can cancel your upgrade contract at any time, with no additional costs.

Upgrade now! Ask your reseller for further information on your individual offer.

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