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The future of

In-CAD Smile Design

The future of cosmetic dentistry

Create added value with Smile Creator – exocad’s innovative in-CAD smile design solution for predictable esthetic smile makeovers. Integrated into the renowned exocad DentalCAD platform, Smile Creator empowers dental labs to reliably assess prosthetic feasibility even during esthetic planning – thanks to our innovative 2D/3D technology.

  • Load patient photos in exocad. These will automatically be converted to 3D objects, which can be matched to 3D scans of the teeth.
  • Automatically add and edit guidelines
  • Select tooth shapes from our extensive library
  • Use simple 2D editing tools to edit the 3D shapes
  • See the 3D result in real-time from various angles

In-CAD Smile Creator is available in stand-alone format or as an add-on module to exocad’s successful DentalCAD software.

Some products may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets. Please contact your local exocad reseller for current product assortment and availability.

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Create, communicate, collaborate

Precise – alignment of 2D photos and 3D data

Load existing patient photos or create them directly in the software using a webcam. These will automatically be converted to 3D objects, which can be matched to 3D scans of the teeth.

Intuitive – reproduction of natural tooth shapes

Create a new smile by simply editing 2D shapes. Access exocad’s extensive tooth library for highly esthetic anterior and posterior tooth designs. Facial analysis with help lines and proportional guides enable you to design the perfect smile for the patient’s individual anatomy

Real-time – smile design preview in 3D

Easily design in 2D and view the results in 3D from various angles in real-time. Maximum predictability of outcome is thus guaranteed as you can quickly and reliably assess feasibility at this early stage.

Reliable – realistic preview of projected outcomes

Create accurate visualizations of your designs with Smile Creator and allow patients to easily assess their new smiles before entering into restorative treatments.

Perfect foundation

With Smile Creator, you will obtain a real 3D tooth setup as the perfect foundation for later prosthetic implementation with DentalCAD as well as implant planning with exoplan. Diagnostic waxups are easily realized with exocad’s Model Creator.

Some short impressions of the usability
The SmileCreator has it's own intuitive Wizard workflow
Starting with the import of the pictures, you get the option to load them from file, or take them right there, with your webcam
If you have a 'retracted' photo of your patient, load this one first
Pick two points for an alignment of 3D objects. The further apart the points are, the easier this gets
You can adjust the alignment afterwards, rescale the picture and tilt the models, for a perfect fit
After the retracted image, the smile image can be imported
Once again, an alignment will be done
Simply by drawing a line, you define the lip line on the smile image. Any error is easily corrected by moving the red dots
For an analysis of the patients face, just click on both of eyes. Midline and proportional guide will then be positioned automatically
If you desire more helper lines, you can add or remove as many as you please. Smile curves can be added as well
With the help of a large photo view and three small 3D previews, you design. You have acces to all your tooth libraries, and shapes can be easily customized by simple editing of the outlines
In the final step you chose the tooth colors, using standard color presets
Alternatively, you can click on existing teeth in the photo, to match the color to the remaining dentition
With the finished Smile Creator, the workflow leads back into the CAD wizard.
Giving you the anatomical shapes you can directly use e.g. for the restorative design or a Mock-up.


Your benefits...

  • Enjoy ease of use
    Smile Creator is fast and easy to use. No extensive knowledge or training is necessary
  • Improve collaboration
    Smile Creator facilitates communication among dental labs, dentists and patients
  • Convince your patients
    Smile Creator supports you in increasing satisfaction thanks to predictable results
  • Increase your efficiency
    Smile Creator helps reduce reworking and corrections
  • Integrate workflows seamlessly
    As an in-CAD smile design module, Smile Creator enables digital esthetic planning in one continuous workflow
  • Evaluate in real time
    Smile Creator visualizes real 3D tooth setups from multiple angles at an early stage
  • Check feasibility
    Smile Creator helps you assess prosthetic feasibility for individual patient situations

... at a glance

  • Enjoy seamless transitions
    Smile Creator creates a real 3D tooth setup as a foundation for prosthetic implementation, diagnostic waxups, and more
  • Benefit from extensive tooth library
    Smile Creator includes a library of numerous natural teeth. For those who prefer an even wider choice, supplementary tooth libraries can be purchased
  • Review the outcome
    Smile Creator provides you with predictable results for your restorative treatments
  • Create accurate previews
    Smile Creator generates realistic result previews based on patient photos
  • Profit from an unlimited number of cases
    Smile Creator has no hidden costs or click fees
  • Apply your experience using exocad’s DentalCAD
    Smile Creator offers you a familiar user experience Benefit from our proven software platform exocad software has been established for 10 years

The laboratory concept with a future

Dental technician Marco Annucci is one of over one hundred exocad beta testers of the new add-on module Smile Creator for DentalCAD, which allows highly aesthetic restorations to be designed precisely and predictably.

What users say about Smile Creator

Our best sales proposition are the thousands of loyal customers we've won over by reinventing the market with exocad's freedom of choice

License models according to your needs

You can choose between Perpetual License with optional upgrade contract or the subscription-based Flex License with significantly lower initial cost, and full access to all upgrades. Is your DentalCAD Perpetual License out of date? Get the latest version via our new Refresh Program!

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How to purchase exocad software

exocad does not sell directly but partners with many system integrators. For product support, offers or more information please contact one of our partners.

Please note: ChairsideCAD and exoplan are certified as Medical Devices for distribution in selected countries only. For further details please contact your reseller.

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