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With DentalCAD 3.0 Galway, exocad introduces the new Instant Anatomic Morphing.
DentalCAD 3.0 Galway: Create complete watertight waxup models based on your designs, with no overlapping boundaries to use with every available 3D printer.
With the new DentalCAD 3.0 Galway release, exocad introduces AI technology for its Smile Creator.
DentalCAD 3.0 Galway: Improved bridge connector editing with split screen view and tools to change several connectors at once, for a faster workflow in every situation.
DentalCAD 3.0 Galway features printer presets for all leading 3D printer manufacturers. Customize and save individual printer presets, based on your experience and requirements.
DentalCAD 3.0 Galway: The implant connection can now be changed within compatible implant libraries even after finishing the abutment design.
The new exoplan 3.0 Galway release enables planning of edentulous cases and design of the respective surgical guides.
exoplan 3.0 Galway: virtual tooth extraction on optical scans
exoplan 3.0 Galway: faster planning, fewer steps, more automation
exoplan 3.0 Galway: sinus cavity segmentation
exoplan 3.0 Galway: Denture based surgical and fixation guide
exoplan 3.0 Galway enables two CT or CBCT scans to be aligned with the dual-scan protocol. This enables safe planning of edentulous cases.
ChairsideCAD In-CAD Nesting: Place designs into suitable milling blanks
The Implant Module for ChairsideCAD enables directly design screw-retained crowns and bridges as well as custom abutments.
With exocad’s Bite Splint Module, you can design high-quality therapeutic night guards quickly in just a few steps.
The Auto Articulator  Module  enables you to simulate the movements of a real articulator and derive patient-specific dynamic occlusion.
exocad Chairside CAD: Powerful dental CAD software for use in a clinical environment
exocad DentalCAD: Instant Anatomic Morphing