Auto Articulator

Auto Articulator Module

ChairsideCAD Add-on Module

Simulate articulation in restorative designs

The Auto Articulator  Module  enables you to simulate the movements of a real articulator and derive patient-specific dynamic occlusion. 

In ChairsideCAD, the articulator movements are performed automatically through the wizard workflow. Utilizing anatomical averages, our software uses heuristics to position the scan data and automatically simulate jaw motions. The results are used to digitally adjust occlusion and thereby reduce chair time.

Extensive functionalities for optimized workflows

With the add-on module Auto Articulator, you can easily calculate excursive motions – taking into account your patient‘s digital impressions and predefined parameters. Simple user controls help you visualize the calculated movements in four standard directions: protrusion, retrusion, left laterotrusion and right laterotrusion. Identify the contact strength of your restoration design against opposing dentition.

Laterotrusion left


Laterotrusion right

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