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GUIDED Surgery
Your way

Design faster, plan with predictability and improve outcomes with exoplan 3.1 Rijeka.

It starts with a good plan

New rapid pre-planning for more patient commitment

Engage your patient by performing rapid pre-planning while they watch. Planning and selection of implants can be refined later on.

Full mouth rehabilitation with simultaneous implant planning and guide design for both arches

Plan implants and design surgical guides for both upper and lower jaws in unison to save valuable time.

Faster tooth setup with Instant Anatomic Morphing

The anatomy of the teeth adjusts in real time with each movement, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Comply with your documentation needs

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The new release is now available in all markets where exoplan 3.1 Rijeka is cleared for distribution. Existing exoplan users in these markets can upgrade to exoplan 3.1 Rijeka* at no extra cost, as part of their license subscription.


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 *Please note: exoplan is certified as a Medical Device for distribution in selected countries only. For further details please contact your reseller.
In the USA, dental abutments are regulated devices by the FDA and require a 510(k) clearance to be legally marketed. If you are using exocad abutment design software to design customized dental implant abutments, we encourage you to contact the abutment 510(k)-holder for further information on your regulatory obligations.


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Freedom of choice for dental experts

One of the most exciting advantages of exoplan is its platform – the worldwide renowned and leading exocad CAD software. It makes exoplan a very proven and stable software application with numerous user benefits. exoplan can easily and seamlessly be integrated with all exocad products and modules related to implant indications. Therefore, our software solutions offer you the perfect symbiosis of prosthetics and implant planning – for reliable results that are cost- and time-efficent.
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