The wide-angle view of digital dentistry

March 6, 2024

On May 9 - 10, 2024, we’re hosting our global event Insights 2024 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The event will bring together leading figures from the field of digital dentistry, over 50 strategic partner companies and around 850 attendees from all over the world. Novica Savic, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Managing Director at exocad, explains why this year's motto is "Network. Innovate. Lead." 

Q: "Network. Innovate. Lead.” is the motto for exocad Insights 2024. What does the event motto stand for?

A: One of the reasons we launched Insights in 2018 was to offer our global exocad community and strategic partners a common meeting place for personal exchanges. "Network" has been an important goal of the event from the very beginning. For us, "innovate" and "lead" belong together. Whether you are a company, laboratory, or practice, if you want to set new standards in the field of digital dentistry and be at the forefront, you need to be innovative and lead the latest digital technologies and trends.

Q: Who are the speakers on the main podium that participants can look forward to hearing from?

A: We are delighted to have some of the world's leading experts in digital dentistry from Europe, North and South America as speakers for Insights 2024, including Dr. Miguel Stanley from Portugal, dental technician Vincent Fehmer from Switzerland, Dr. Eimear O'Connell from Scotland, dental technician Kristina Vaitelytė from the United Kingdom, dental technician Edris Rasta from the Netherlands, assistant professor Dr. Guilherme Saavedra from Brazil, Dr. Elaine Halley from Scotland and Dr. August de Oliveira from the USA. They all "innovate" and "lead" because they implement future-oriented treatment methods, supported by the latest digital technologies, in their practices and laboratories.

Over the two days of Insights 2024, the entire digital workflow of restorative dentistry will be highlighted, from smile design and implant planning to the production of restorations.”

Q: Which aspects of the digital workflow will be the main focus?

A: Over the two days of Insights 2024, the entire digital workflow of restorative dentistry will be highlighted, from smile design and implant planning to the production of restorations. We will introduce new digital approaches, such as innovative prosthetic materials and a new digital, multidisciplinary planning approach. The topics of digital occlusion, digital diagnosis, and treatment planning, as well as 3D printing, will also be exciting. 

Our outlook on the digital interface between aligner therapy and restorative dentistry will be particularly compelling.”

Q: What is in store for the future of digital dentistry?

A: Our outlook on the digital interface between aligner therapy and restorative dentistry will be particularly compelling. This innovation will revolutionize restorative dentistry in many cases because multidisciplinary treatment concepts can be planned and implemented on a digital platform using aligner therapy as a pre-treatment for prosthetic measures. New developments in the field of AI will also be presented.

Q: exocad Insights is taking place in Palma de Mallorca for the second time. Why did you decide on this location again?

A: There were several reasons. Above all, it was the positive response from the participants and strategic partners who participated in 2022. They voted by a large majority for Insights 2024 to be held again at the Palau de Congressos in Palma de Mallorca, and we were happy to fulfill this wish. This modern location with its facilities and associated hotel is simply ideal for our global event. And finally, Palma de Mallorca is easily accessible from Europe as well as from the USA, South America and Asia. You can usually fly to Mallorca from the larger US cities with just one transfer.

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Novica Savic offers a sneak peek of what to expect at Insights 2024

Q: Traditionally, multiple exocad strategic partners are always present. How many partners are you expecting in May?

A: Once again, over 50 strategic partner companies that are helping to shape digital dentistry with their innovations in the fields of dental production, materials and diagnostics will be on site. Insights 2024 attendees will discover a wide range of products for the digital workflow in dentistry. They will receive concrete added value to enable them to work digitally in their practices and laboratories in a future-oriented way.

With iTero™ as a Diamond Partner and Amann Girrbach, GC, Ivoclar, Shining 3D and Schütz Dental as Platinum Partners, our long-standing partners recognize the important value of the exocad Insights event on the industry and their continuing contributions to its success. Together with the Gold Partners, these brands will be presenting many informative lectures with international speakers in breakout sessions.

We are also delighted that a partner from India will be presenting for the first time. India is a very interesting and fast-growing market for us. The digital dentistry segment in particular is developing rapidly there - this makes the Indian dental market very attractive for exocad.

Q: How will the companies present themselves?

A: Firstly, via the exhibition, then on the first day the popular sessions of the Diamond, Platinum and Gold Partners will occur, with inspiring lecture topics presented by renowned speakers. We expect numerous innovations and technological advancements to be presented during the event.

Q: A new addition to the program is a session for dental assistants. Why are you also addressing dental assistants and the entire practice team?

A: Feedback from our dentist customers is that they would like to see a special training program for dental assistants. This is because, in many practices, dental assistants are increasingly involved thanks to advancements in digital dentistry. For this reason, there will be a three-and-a-half-hour program for dental assistants for the very first time on Friday morning, with a hands-on scan and material sessions.

Q: Can practice team members purchase a group ticket?

A: Yes, this option is available, and not only for practice teams, but also for laboratory teams and for the prosthetics teams of dental technicians/dentists. This offer has already been well received.

Q: DentalCAD, ChairsideCAD, exoplan—these these are the stars of the exocad software sessions. Which exocad specialists will be in Mallorca? What will they discuss?

A: Almost our entire team of software experts will be represented at Insights 2024. Our users can hear and interact with them live at the exocad lab sessions where the exocad experts will introduce users to the new features of the current DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina release in even greater depth and share numerous tips and tricks.

Q: Why should dental technicians, dentists and their teams participate in exocad Insights?

A: We see the event as a kind of wide-angle view of digital dentistry. With the numerous innovative impulses on future-oriented treatment options that visitors receive from the speakers, our strategic partner companies and among themselves, they broaden their horizons. They also experience the positive vibe of the exocad community.

In summary: for those who want their labs and practices to be leaders in digital dentistry, Insights 2024 is simply the place to be.

Image Novica Savic exocad

Novica Savic is presently working as Chief Commercial Officer at exocad, where he is responsible for the firm’s global sales and marketing activities. He is a Certified Dental Technician and graduated from the ESSEC Business School of Paris with an Executive MBA. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Before joining exocad, Novica was a member of the Board of Management at a major global dental player and oversaw innovation (R&D), marketing and the global product portfolio, which included clinical and laboratory products, as well as digital dentistry. Prior to this, he worked with a leading implant manufacturer as Managing Director Germany. Novica has contributed to numerous global projects in Europe, Japan, China and the USA and has established his expertise in the dental industry with various patents and the publication of a book about removable dentures. He has over 30 years of experience in the dental field.

by Caitlan Reeg
Writer at exocad

Caitlan Reeg spends her days telling the world about the innovations her colleagues create. She’s passionate about healthcare, technology, and the ways the two interact to improve our lives. A former journalist, Caitlan has worked on staff at Dow Jones Newswires in Frankfurt and at the national public radio program Marketplace in Los Angeles.