At exocad, we prize openness and curiosity. That’s how we stay on the cutting edge of digital dentistry. Low hierarchies, lots of support and an unmatched team spirit – this is our secret sauce. And we love students! Your enthusiasm for the dental industry fuels our fire. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in joining our dynamic team, or want to learn more about who we are and what we do. We want to hear from you.


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Want to be part of the cutting edge in digital dentistry? exocad’s the place. We’re big believers in open software systems and an open company culture. We give our team the space to dream and collaborate without a lot of bureaucracy. And we value downtime – jogging meetups, tasty lunches and afterwork hangouts make for a team spirit that can’t be beat.

Testimonial Image Gustavo Ismael


"What I enjoy most is how we continue to develop and improve software products. We think about how to make, manual work easier and more pleasant with digital solutions. It’s a great feeling to develop products that really benefit dentists."

Gustavo Ismael
Senior Clinical Specialist @ exocad Application Support team


"I love the flexibility at exocad. 'Flex-time' lets me design a work schedule that blends well with my life both in and outside of the office."

Jan Behrens
Working Student @ exocad marketing team

Testimonial Image Olga Zimmermann


"I really like that my colleagues at exocad are so friendly and open. It’s great working in a team together. If there are any problems, we help each other. I also like that I have the chance to learn a lot of new things, and I receive support when I want to familiarize myself with a new topic."

Olga Zimmermann
Software Developer @ exocad R&D team


"My work at exocad is an excellent complement to my studies. Here, I can translate my university work directly into practical experience. For example, I’ve already learned a lot about the software development process for the medical product industry. I also like that I’m surrounded by an experienced and helpful team who supports me when I have questions."

Oliver Schall
Working Student @ exocad R&D team

Image Testimonial Oliver Schall

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