Single-click, rapid pre-planning with exoplan 3.1 Rijeka

May 3, 2023

As both a dentist and a lab owner, Dr. Gulshan Murgai knows what he wants when it comes to implant planning and guide design: speed, ease and accuracy. For him, exoplan is the preferred choice. Gulshan shared his thoughts with us about the most recent exoplan 3.1 Rijeka release and highlighted his favorite features.  

Q: How did you get into dentistry?

A: I never wanted to be a dentist. I wanted to be a medical surgeon. That was my focus in school. But after applying for medicine for two consecutive years, I didn't get a place. So I looked at dentistry. In the UK, you first train alongside medics. Within the first six weeks, I knew there was no mistake. Dentistry was definitely where I needed to be, where I wanted to be. And to be honest now, more than 20 years on, I wouldn't change it for the world. I have full control over my career. I have a business. My lifestyle is very different as a dentist compared to what it might have been as a doctor.

Q: How did you first discover exocad?

A: That’s a simple one. I was in my own practice for several years. I had really complex cases coming in, lots of big implant cases, and I wanted more control over the speed and quality of the results. I spoke to some of my suppliers, and people who knew about technical dentistry. We did a cost-based analysis, and it was clear that having my own lab was going to be the way forward. So that's what I did. When we bought our lab scanner, it came with an exocad package, and we did our training on exocad. That was 2015. Since then, the relationship with exocad has grown. Now I’m a user, a reseller and an expert speaker.

Q: You’re a beta tester too, right?

A: Yes, I share my experience with the software on live cases and offer my opinions and those of my team. We use the software every day, and that's the only way I think that you can viably test something that is going to be released to the global market.

I love the way that the reporting has developed to make the life of the clinician easier.

Q: Speaking of new releases. What are your thoughts on exocad’s new release for guided surgery and implant planning, exoplan 3.1 Rijeka?

A: I love the way that the reporting has developed to make the life of the clinician easier. For instance, in the past, the reports tended to be multi-page PDF reports. In the Rijeka version, I helped with developing the structure of a single-page document that can either be printed or put on a screen. That way the whole workflow the surgeon needs during surgery is easily seen without needing to scroll through pages. Whether it's a single implant or multiple implants, that's really useful. That also comes in handy for legal documentation and communication with the patient about the treatment plan.

Q: What types of changes do you see in the new exoplan compared with previous versions?

A: If you split up the two parts of exoplan, there's planning and then there's guide creation. The guide creation portion is entirely technical, but if you look at the development of the actual planning software, which is designed really to be used by a surgeon to make it easy and also accurate—that has gone leaps and bounds from the first version in 2018 to where we are now with 3.1 Rijeka. Look at how easy and accurate exocad has made it to correlate the data sets. Also, in the latest version, we have rapid pre-planning. With a single click, you can jump straight into the software and not be forced to go down a detailed workflow. Sometimes I just need to know if a treatment will work so I can tell the patients if they are suitable for what they desire. It’s also helpful for ordering purposes. I can use rapid pre-planning and within a few minutes go ahead and know what implant or implants I might need for a case. That makes a big difference.

Q: Any other insights about exoplan 3.1 Rijeka that you think would be helpful for colleagues?

A: One final thing relates to anatomy. exocad developed this version of the software so that you can map the nerve architecture accurately, whether it goes forward or backward or both. Now that sounds simple, but it’s not easy to do. And they have done that in the 3.1 Rijeka version. Also, the way that exoplan takes CT scan data and makes it very easy to clean up and use very quickly is fantastic.

Gulshan’s favorite exoplan 3.1 Rijeka features:

  • Single-page, full surgical protocol with drill sequence
  • Easy and accurate correlation of data sets
  • Rapid pre-planning
  • Mapping of nerve architecture
  • Easy use and editing of CT scan data

Q: What’s important for you when it comes to implant planning software?  

A: I appreciate the ease of use, accuracy and speed in exoplan. They're the three things that are vital in using this kind of software. If you think about a day in the life of implant surgeons, the less time they're spending sitting at a computer planning, and the more time they're spending doing some surgery, the more income they can generate. So when surgeons do need to be at a computer, it needs to be easy, quick, and accurate—for the safety of the patient and to minimize their time in front of a screen.

Q: Favorite song?

A: Music was my first love. Wherever I am, whether it's in the car or in the clinic, there's always music on. There isn't one track. There's a genre. I follow US house music—soulful house, funky house like Todd Terry, Louie Vega, David Morales, and DJs like that.

Q: Favorite tooth?

A: Lower first molar. It's easy to access. It's easy to see, and it makes me a lot of money. It's as simple as that.

Q: One word for exocad?

A: Family. As the exocad family grows worldwide, people share their knowledge and experiences, and we all benefit from that.

Dr. Gulshan Murgai qualified in 2001 from The University of Birmingham. He completed his vocational training in Chertsey, Surrey, became an associate dentist in West London and then purchased the Whippendell Dental Clinic in January 2004. With a vision for quality and excellence he totally redeveloped the clinic, introducing a welcoming and open approach alongside cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technology to entirely change the character, scope and feel of the practice. Whilst maintaining his interest and skills in general dentistry, Gulshan developed an international practice in dental implants and cosmetic dental surgery, as well as facial rejuvenation procedures. He has trained and been trained by leading practitioners throughout Europe, ensuring that the practice provides the very latest in dental and facial treatment techniques and technology. Whilst regularly attending courses for continual professional development, Gulshan has also trained other dentists in the use of CEREC 3D, dental implant surgery and smile makeovers. The practice was incorporated, expanded and launched as Skin & Smiles in December 2012. Keep up with Gulshan's latest work on Facebook and Instagram.

by Caitlan Reeg
Writer at exocad

Caitlan Reeg spends her days telling the world about the innovations her colleagues create. She’s passionate about healthcare, technology, and the ways the two interact to improve our lives. A former journalist, Caitlan has worked on staff at Dow Jones Newswires in Frankfurt and at the national public radio program Marketplace in Los Angeles.