exocad isn’t just a workhorse, it’s an elephant

September 28, 2022

With more than 4,000 employees, 250,000 square feet of laboratory space, and satellite offices throughout the world—this is DentCare. The mega dental lab, located in Kerala, India, began modestly. John Kuriakose started the business with his two brothers and a handful of employees in 1988. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, tapping into demands from local dentists in search of quality dental prostheses to now offering full dental lab services for a global clientele.

We spoke with the CMD Mr. John Kuriakose and the company’s Technical Head, Dr. George Abraham, Prosthodontist, at DentCare’s primary manufacturing facility located in the picturesque town of Muvattupuzha, Kerala. They shared their valuable insights about the digital dentistry market in India, described their favorite software features and explained why exocad reminds them of an elephant.

Q: Where is DentCare present globally?  

John: Our company is headquartered in Kerala, India. We also have operations in the US, UK, UAE, New Zealand, and Australia. Our satellite labs located throughout the country also handle dentures and zirconia, and crowns and bridges, but large-scale production is done in Kerala. Our international operations are well coordinated with extensive support provided by the HQ for complex cases using advanced digital workflows.

Q: What’s the turnaround time like for most cases?

George: The work is finished in the lab in about two days and is shipped without delay. So, in normal circumstances, it takes approximately three days to deliver the shipment. However, the only delay could be in logistics.

Q: What’s the dental market like in India?

John: Historically, we can see that India has always been a part of the digital revolution. Every year, we have thousands of new budding dentists coming into the field eager to learn about digital dentistry. So it is a highly fertile ground for dentists to grow and expand their practices with the use of high-end technologies.

Q: I’ve heard the digital dental market is also on a growth curve in India.

John: Yes, almost 20 percent year-on-year growth is expected. Dentists are adopting digital workflows, not only for crowns and bridges but also for implant prosthetics and dentures. They are looking to do more chairside milling and printing and are investing in design software, like exocad.

“We decided to shift to exocad as we found it to be advanced yet easy to operate. The software is equally useful for expert users like us as well as for novices.”

Q: Which exocad software do you use?

George: We use DentalCAD and all the modules, like the Implant Module, PartialCAD, Smile Creator, FullDenture Module and exoplan too. We are really excited about the launch of version 3.1 Rijeka and are exploring all possible options with it.

Q: Why exocad?

George: We decided to shift to exocad as we found it to be advanced yet easy to operate. The software is equally useful for expert users like us as well as for novices. We now primarily use exocad and are happy with it.

Q: What was it like transitioning to exocad?

John: The shift to exocad was initiated in 2017, but it was only during the pandemic that were we able to provide the training to all our technicians. At present we have 75 workstations and are looking forward to reaching 150.

Q: After five years of using exocad, how would you describe your experience with the software?

George: exocad provides an excellent experience! Its flexible and non-restrictive features allow you to experiment and get amazing results! It’s like the difference between a normal cell phone camera and a pro camera. With a normal camera, you only get to focus and click, whereas with a pro camera you can work with many features. exocad gives you the space to tap into many possibilities!

Q: Do you have a favorite feature?

George: Yes! The Virtual Articulator! It is an amazing feature that can be integrated with the digital facebow.

PartialCAD in itself is a wonderful module, especially with multiple design options. The link for the doctors to project the virtual image with webview from exocad is unique. Doctors can view a 360-degree image of the design and remove the antagonist if required. Its biggest advantage is that dentists can experiment on it without experiencing software lag. We also like the expert mode as an advanced feature in the CAD modules.

Q: Can you tell me more about the exocad software training program you’re starting at DentCare?

John: The DentCare Institute of Dental Technology is where we train our technicians in all aspects of dental processes and manufacturing. We have started a special three-month CAD design course in exocad in addition to other courses in dental technology. The course has gained much attention throughout India as well as among overseas technicians.

“It's always best to choose a CAD provider who is always up-to-date, flexible, and listens to customer feedback.”

Q: What advice would you offer other labs looking to grow?

John: It's always best to choose a CAD provider who is always up-to-date, flexible, and listens to customer feedback. That’s why we like exocad. The company actually listens and provides us with consistent support. Choose your provider wisely and never stop focusing on quality because if you compromise on quality, you compromise on your brand and on the treatments that dentists provide to patients.  

DentCare has always remained one step ahead when it comes to innovation with a dedicated Research & Development Team enabling us to deliver premium quality products. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products has garnered the trust of dentists globally. This trust and satisfaction in our products have helped us achieve great heights of success and create milestones.

Q: If exocad was an animal what would it be?

George: The Indian Tusker! We are from Kerala, we call it God’s own country, and are very fond of elephants. Since ancient times, they have been trained to be an invaluable aid to humans. Though they may look big and intimidating, they can be quite friendly.

Q: Describe exocad in one word.

John: Amazing!

Mr. John Kuriakose the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Dentcare Dental Lab Pvt. Ltd., founded the dental lab with his brothers in 1988, driven by passion, tenacity, and a purpose to improve the quality of dental lab work. The Indian dental market in the 1980s lacked significant quality dental prostheses. Due to a lack of awareness and resources in India, the market succumbed to the availability of substandard items. Before founding the lab, he worked as an attender in a dental clinic, and finally became a dental technician, where he experimented and worked tirelessly to improve the quality of dental prostheses.

He has travelled across the globe and has attended more than 500 international workshops, seminars and conferences to learn all there is about dental laboratory technology. He has been pivotal in elevating the standards of dental technology in India and has been credited with bringing most of the latest dental innovations, for the very first time, to the country. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to dentistry and society at large, most notably receiving the National Oral Healthcare Sushruta Award (constituted by the Indian Dental Association) for outstanding contribution toward oral health awareness from the former President of India.

Dr. George Abraham is a Prosthodontist and Implantologist who has completed his graduation and post-graduation from Christian Dental College, CMC Ludhiana. He also holds Post Graduate Diplomas in Clinical Research and Medicolegal Systems from Symbiosis, Pune. He presently heads the Technical Department at DentCare Dental Lab and is responsible for Quality Assurance alongside Clinical Education and Training. He is passionate about dentistry and dental laboratory technology, striving to integrate the latest technology and materials to provide the best possible dental prosthetic solutions for dentists in the country, thereby elevating the standards of care.

by Caitlan Reeg
Writer at exocad

Caitlan Reeg spends her days telling the world about the innovations her colleagues create. She’s passionate about healthcare, technology, and the ways the two interact to improve our lives. A former journalist, Caitlan has worked on staff at Dow Jones Newswires in Frankfurt and at the national public radio program Marketplace in Los Angeles.