Compliance and Anti-piracy Guide

Compliance and Anti-Piracy Guide

Make sure you have the right licensing for your exocad software.

exocad is committed to providing complete and reliable software for digital dentistry and values the reputation of its high-quality products. Therefore, it is critical that exocad's intellectual property rights are respected, and that its copyrights, trademarks and license agreements are enforced. For this reason, we will take all necessary steps to protect our intellectual property rights and proactively pursue those who violate our copyrights, trademarks and license agreements.

Consequently, exocad considers the following activities, among others, to be an unacceptable violation of our intellectual property:

Do not put yourself and your business at risk

The software you invest in is a company asset and crucial in allowing you and your staff to be more efficient and productive. There are several reasons to own original exocad software licenses and stay away from piracy:

Legal consequences

Hackers or criminals offering counterfeit licenses may claim to remove monitoring code from the software, but typically do not succeed completely. We monitor counterfeit and unlicensed software extensively, collect relevant data and IP addresses and bring users of unauthorized software to court.

Business security

Original software is always digitally signed, and during that process checked for viruses or malware which results in a higher security for your business.

Severe fines

Using counterfeit software is a criminal act which can expose your company and brand both legally and ethically and result in severe fines.

Report suspected piracy

If you believe that exocad software or dongles are being used or distributed without a license or authorization or are aware of any suspicious situation, complete our anti-piracy form below to report it to our License Compliance Office. Please make sure that the information you provide is correct and exhaustive, which will enable us to effectively take the necessary legal actions.

You will be asked to provide your information on an anonymous basis without disclosing your own identity and contact details, for the purpose of informing us about a third-party infringement. We will not store your IP address or ask you to provide further information. The information that you submit will be shared with the appropriate investigation team members, and the matter will be investigated promptly and discreetly.

Report License Infringement or Software Piracy

Checking an individual exocad software license

Do you want to check an individual exocad software license? Please contact our License Compliance Office by sending an email with your name and serial number to (subject: software license check). Please include a screenshot of the “About box” of the software (preferably from within the DentalCAD app) or the license error window of the software.

Supplying the .licenseRequest file (2016 or newer version)

When using a 2016 or newer version, please also try to supply the .licenseRequest file from the  “About” box of your software application. Please click here for further information on how to supply the .licenseRequest file. If that does not work, please report it to our team.

Obtaining the serial number of your dongle

The serial number is stored on your dongle. Click here for further information on how to determine the dongle serial number.

Additional information

  • Compliance with international medical software regulations

    Medical Device Software, such as exocad ChairsideCAD or exoplan implant planning software, follow international regulations and standards to ensure maximum safety and high quality. Safe operation of our original medical software applications is ensured by our quality management procedures for design development and manufacturing of our software applications which complies with international and national standards and regulations for medical devices. exocad binds all legal distributors to comply with regulatory provisions in their region.

    Using modified or counterfeit software applications bears the risk that the modifications introduce malfunctions into the software application with an impact to patient safety. To avoid that, use only original software from exocad distributed by our authorized resellers. Furthermore, using a Medical Device Software application in a region where the software does not have regulatory clearance to provide medical services may be illegal and put the user under the risk of criminal prosecution.

  • How to correct license non-compliance

    As soon as you become aware that you are using counterfeit software, take the following steps:

    1. Uninstall the software from your computer and replace it with original software from exocad.
    2. Report the supplier of the pirated software to our License Compliance Office: Report License Infringement or Software Piracy
    3. Always purchase all future exocad software via authorized exocad resellers.