dentalshare: Fast, secure, and easy communication

Enable rapid collaboration by exchanging cases from within the exocad software platform.

It‘s more than just ‘upload to milling center’; we aim to cover the full spectrum of multi-directional digital communication between clinicians, dental technicians and production centers. For example, the recipient can start receiving a large file before the sender has finished uploading it.

dentalshare uses latest generation compression technology, combined with a robust transfer protocol, so that even big data sets travel through unreliable mobile network connections and restrictive firewalls with ease. All transfers are encrypted using state of the art encryption technology and fully verified once received. For maximum reliability and fast network throughput, exocad operates its own redundant, distributed server infrastructure with multiple gigabit internet connections and server locations in Europe and the US.

No per-transfer fees, no commission*

With dentalshare, we’re not gnawing away your profit margin. There’s no per-transfer fee, nor do we accept commissions from production centers.

Transparency and privacy

As a dentalshare user, you‘re in complete control of what data is being sent, and when. We know that there’s some information you will not want to share with the recipient of your data set. For example, a dental technician sending a data set to another lab for milling might not be willing to disclose which dentist he is working for.

* subject to fair usage policy