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Explore the new extensive range of features DentalCAD 3.0 Galway has to offer and increase your productivity significantly.

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Highlights for DentalCAD

Instant Anatomic Morphing

Get from the automatic proposal to your design goal faster than ever before with this new feature (patent pending). The anatomy of the teeth adjusts in real time with each movement, revolutionizing your design process.

Parametric Shape Adjustment

Parametrically modify any existing tooth library: from deep fissures for a younger anatomy to flat fissures and cusps that are more suitable for an older anatomy. Seamlessly apply a natural abrasion to all selected teeth.

Advanced bridge connectors editing & viewing tools

Improved bridge connector editing with split screen view and tools to change several connectors at once, for a faster workflow in every situation.

Vastly improved insertion direction control

New tools in the insertion direction dialogue give you easier control over each individual insertion axis.

New user interface design

The new user-centered design makes digital interaction simple, fluid and intuitive. See for yourself.

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Smile Creator goes AI

Automatically detect facial features with artificial intelligence

Facial features are automatically detected to automate the smile design and get to an esthetic proposal faster. This, along with many other new features and improvements, helps saving valuable time while designing cases with Smile Creator.

Mockup tooth setups improve patient communication

Open up new possibilities in patient consultation with the Smile Creator. Print clip-ons and let patients physically try out their new smile.

(Note: This feature does not work with the Smile Creator stand-alone module)

News for Model Creator

Digital Waxup Model

Create complete watertight waxup models based on your designs, with no overlapping boundaries to use with every available 3D printer.

Customize and save printer presets

DentalCAD 3.0 Galway features printer presets for all leading 3D printer manufacturers. Customize and save individual printer presets, based on your experience and requirements.

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The new Galway release is now available at no extra charge to all exocad customers with a valid upgrade contract. exocad customers with a permanent licence without an upgrade contact must purchase one in order to use the new release. Find out more about our upgrade possibilities here.

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Improved Implant Module

Switch implant connection

The implant connection can now be changed within compatible implant libraries even after finishing the abutment design. Switch to a Ti-base as long as it is compatible with the originally selected implant type.

Improved implant position and rotation

You can now activate the color coding of the implant matching per default. Rotate the abutment connection based on the used implant library to set up Ti-bases and angulated abutments for an optimal prosthetic result.

More new features for DentalCAD

License models according to your needs

You can choose between Perpetual License with optional upgrade contract or the subscription-based Flex License with significantly lower initial cost, and full access to all upgrades. Is your DentalCAD Perpetual License out of date? Get the latest version via our new Refresh Program!

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Freedom of choice for dental experts

With DentalCAD, the choice is yours: Easily and seamlessly integrate our powerful dental CAD software solution with all exocad products and modules in one seamless digital workflow. Exceptional usability, performance and flexibility are guaranteed. Thanks to its open and vendor-neutral software architecture, you can use DentalCAD with your existing equipment, such as any open scanner, 3D printer or milling machine. With DentalCAD, you control the desired workflows. Expand your portfolio with our wide range of add-on modules and improve collaboration with clients and service providers alike – for reliable results that are cost- and time-efficient.

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