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PartialCAD 3.1 Rijeka

design next-level
partial dentures

with ease


PartialCAD 3.1 Rijeka fast-tracks your workflows with a revamped user interface that will wow you.


Go fully digital with all components of your partial denture

The patent-pending QuickSnap* feature divides the partial denture into pieces and enables an accurate assembly out of printed or milled parts that simply  snap together―saving valuable time and standardizing your workflows.
Teeth, gingiva above and below mesh, and frameworks can all be produced by CAD/CAM, in the respective materials.

*Beta version

More intuitive and faster user interface

Customize your partial designs with efficiency: With presets, your personalized design settings can be applied swiftly and with ease.

Easier clasps and bars editing: Easily adjust the thickness and width of each bar and clasp with the mouse wheel.

More automation and easier editing: The new Mesh Rim feature automatically adds a thickened edge around your mesh areas. We’ve further enhanced the Interactive Finish Line editing for speed and usability.

Every UI element now upgraded: Enjoy better usability, readability and uniformity with the DentalCAD visual style.

New measurement tools

Show Wax Dimensions: View the dimensions of the overall design, providing an improved preview for production planning and printing.

Cut View: Evaluate designs and take multiple measurements of the layer thicknesses simultaneously.

Control your build

The build tool now features newly organized settings with custom presets and an animated exploded view of the built parts.

"The advantage of PartialCAD? In a few words: time optimization. This software is easy for beginners and sensational in the hands of experts."

Renata Blümer
Dental technician

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