For dentists

Dentistry is changing. With exocad software, you can benefit from this change and convert your dental office into a state-of-the-art facility of dental excellence.

The exocad advantage

The exocad software covers multiple aspects of the digital dentistry workflow: scanning, design, and manufacturing.

Our integrated scanning software exoscan works both with intraoral and desktop scanners. The design applications support prosthetic and appliance design including crowns, bridges and all kinds of simple to complex implant-based prosthetics, including custom abutments. exocam, our solution for manufacturing, completes your workflow with good physical results.

exocad software is easy to use and highly process-reliable. This reduces errors and remakes – no matter if it's being used at your office, at your technician's lab, or both.

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How to purchase exocad software

exocad does not sell directly but partners with many system integrators. The suggested retail price of the base version is € 4.900. For an individual offer or more information please contact one of our partners.

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It’s your open choice

It’s your choice where you draw the line between working in-house and working with an external partner. If you chose to use our software only for scanning, files can be exchanged smoothly with any of the thousands of labs already using exocad DentalCAD, and are even compatible with many of our competitor’s systems.

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