A full-featured dental scanning solution, designed to work with many different scanners and scan technologies.

Seamless scanner integration with exocad DentalCAD

exoscan provides 100% seamless integration between scanning and CAD. Scanning and designing is handled in the same application.

For scanner manufacturers

Are you a provider of 3D scanning solutions, and would like to make your technology available to the dental market?

With exoscan, exocad can help you integrate your scanner with our dental CAD platform, with an easy-to-use, perfectly integrated graphical user interface (GUI).

exoscan complements exocad’s classic XML-based scanner workflow integration for an even more seamless user experience. More and more scanners are being integrated with exoscan. exoscan is also suitable for integrating legacy dental scanners (i.e. scanners developed for use with other CAD software) with exocad DentalCAD.

exoscan is applicable for both intraoral and desktop scanners.

Why choose exocad?

  • Faster workflows, improved proficiency

  • It’s easy to use and to reach your high expectations

  • Flexibility as you require it

  • Reliability you can trust

  • Independent & innovative

  • Truly future-proof

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