Our integrated solution for 3D implant planning.

New in 2017

An integrated solution for 3D implant planning

The new software exoplan supports the pre-operative planning of dental implants and uses the visualization of the implant placement within images of the patient’s anatomy.

The process is based on CT/CBCT datasets originating from other medical devices, and can be supported by optical scans of the patient’s anatomy as well as a virtual prosthetic proposal. exoplan allows a full planning process as well as export of geometrical data to be used for the manufacturing of surgical guides.

exoplan is now available in Europe. Please contact exocad for further details.

Load DICOM data and start the guided workflow.
Match DICOM data with optical scan data (3 point registration).
Result of the matching – different colors visualize possible deviation.
Define panoramic curve to generate panoramic radiograph.
Choose teeth and select implant type.
Define the Mandibular Nerve.
Set up virtual crowns for backward planning (optional).
Place implants and abutments considering the desired position of the crown.
Check the position of the implant.
The planning is done. Create the output files.
The planning report is available as PDF.
The surgical guide design starts with the sleeve placement.
Design the sleeve pillar.
Create the top of the surgical guide.
The final result.
The surgical protocol is available as PDF.

Surgical Guide Design

With our upcoming Surgical Guide Design Module, you can design different types of drill guides, based on implant positions planned in exoplan, and scans of a stone model.

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