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Powerful dental CAD software for use in a clinical environment

Highly automated and intuitive - take your practice to the next level

ChairsideCAD is the first complete open-architecture CAD software platform for single-visit dentistry. The chairside workflow is highly automated, intuitive and optimized for practice use. Newcomers to CAD/CAM can benefit from wizard-guided workflows, while experts can select free design sequences for greater flexibility. With ChairsideCAD, creating automatic design proposals is simple. Instant Anatomic Morphing enables efficient adjustments: the anatomy of teeth automatically adjusts in real-time for dynamic occlusion. And AI-based detection of facial features makes smile design faster and more accurate.

Make the most of your intraoral scanner with ChairsideCAD. exocad's open platform supports a broad range of scanners, production systems and materials. For cases not produced in your practice, you can take advantage of the integrated communication platform dentalshare to easilycollaborate with the lab of your choice.

For a simple guide to find the best software solution to meet your needs, try out our CAD Configurator. You'll receive a personalized recommendation based on your input.

Communicates with labs and any open hardware

Take your dental restorations to the next level with exocad’s ChairsideCAD  – the intuitive software solution for single-visit restorations in the dental practice. From smooth integration with several market-leading intraoral scanners to reliable, highly esthetic restorative designs, and in-house or outsourced manufacturing, ChairsideCAD  guides you through the whole process step-by-step. Meet your patients’ demand for single-visit restorations by taking maximum advantage of the streamlined, intuitive chairside workflow. Directly create reliable results in only few steps in your dental practice – no extensive training is necessary.

Compatible – supports a large number of intraoral scanners

Load your patient’s 3D scans easily into ChairsideCAD  from many open intraoral scanners. Thanks to standard data formats, you have the freedom to choose and change your hardware based on your specific needs.

Versatile – wide range of indications for single-visit treatments

Design beautiful and functional dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, copings, veneers, inlays, onlays, pontics, provisionals and dental appliances.

User-friendly – guided workflows in wizard mode

Benefit from the intuitive, guided approach of ChairsideCAD  that offers you maximum ease of use and consistent results. exocad’s proven wizard-based workflow guides you through every step of the CAD/CAM process.

Comprehensive – open library of production materials

Produce your dental restorations by accessing ChairsideCAD’s comprehensive, open library of materials from leading manufacturers such as 3M, GC, Shofu, Vita and many more. In addition, various generic blanks for hybrid ceramics, lithium silicates, lithium disilicates, and glass ceramics are available.

Free choice – seamless integration with 3rd party production equipment

Maximize your return on hardware investments with ChairsideCAD. Thanks to its open software architecture, all design data is exported in an STL file format. This allows you to manufacture your restorative designs on almost any open 3D printer or milling machine.

Expandable – add-on modules for supplementary features and indications

Expand your service offerings and generate more value with your business by upgrading ChairsideCAD  with various add-on modules according to your and your patients’ needs.

ChairsideCAD 3.1 Rijeka – even easier and more intuitive to use!



Highlights for ChairsideCAD 3.1 Rijeka

• Improved case management, guided workflows and new 3D scan previews
• Design 3/4/Overlay Crowns
• Design restorations on stock abutments
• Reuse anatomical designs for multiple jobs throughout the patient journey
• Instant in-face visualization of designs with Smile Creator

Download our ChairsideCAD 3.1 Rijeka At-a-glance brochure

Indications and functionalities of the ChairsideCAD Core Version

One platform – all digital dentistry solutions

ChairsideCAD  supports you in designing various esthetic and functional dental restorations and appliances while the patient is still in the chair. Thanks to its simplified, intuitive user interface and open tooth and material libraries, a high level of automation and consistent results are ensured.


Anatomic crowns









Enhanced options thanks to numerous add-on modules

Extensive, versatile, integrated

React to changing market and patient demands by easily expanding your service offerings with one or more of exocad‘s add-on modules. Significantly reduce treatment times and frequency while increasing patient satisfaction.


Implant Module

Key functionality


Model Creator

Key functionality


Bite Splint Module

Key functionality


Provisional Module

Key functionality


Smile Creator

Key functionality


Auto Articulator Module

Key functionality


Jaw Motion Import

Key functionality


DICOM Viewer

Key functionality


TruSmile Module

Key functionality


In-CAD Nesting Module

Key functionality

Experience of dentists

Your benefits at a glance

  • Enjoy ease of use
    ChairsideCAD  is fast and easy to handle, no extensive training is necessary
  • Improve patient satisfaction
    ChairsideCAD  helps you realize same-day restorations in the dental practice
  • Create esthetic and functional restorations
    ChairsideCAD  is easy to learn and guides you step-by-step through the process
  • Increase your efficiency
    ChairsideCAD  enables you to realize restorative dentistry during one single patient’s visit to the practice
  • Opt for in-house or outsourced production
    ChairsideCAD  offers flexible workflows
  • Keep your flexibility
    ChairsideCAD  supports almost all changes you make to the workflow, equipment, or services in your practice
  • Collaborate effortlessly with partners
    ChairsideCAD  facilitates your communication with dental labs and production centers for improved and predictable outcomes
  • Maximize your return on investments
    ChairsideCAD  enables you to integrate open hardware and materials of your choice
  • Work with your existing equipment
    ChairsideCAD  supports file formats for open scanners, CT machines, 3D printers and milling machines
  • Expand your service offerings
    ChairsideCAD  can be upgraded with various add-on modules according to your needs
  • Profit from an unlimited number of cases
    ChairsideCAD  has no hidden costs or click fees
  • Benefit from our proven software platform
    exocad software has been established for 10 years

Find the ChairsideCAD  brochure here

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Some products may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets. Please contact your local exocad reseller for current product assortment and availability. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We offer all Medical Device Software (including ChairsideCAD  and exoplan) exclusively via a subscription-based licensing model. The reason is that our Medical Device Software should always be under maintenance, so that in the unlikely event of a safety issue with the product, an update of the software can be provided. Our policy has always been to provide maintenance free of charge for one year after the initial purchase of our software, and to provide software updates only for licenses that are currently under maintenance. While we do provide permanent licenses for our non-medical products (such as exocad DentalCAD, targeted at dental labs), which users can continue to use indefinitely even out of maintenance, this is not the case for our Medical Device Software. These products will no longer function if subscription is not renewed. Permanent licenses - which can be used indefinitely - are not available for our Medical Device Software. According to Regulation (EU) 2017/745, which applies to these products, medical devices must have a determined lifetime.

How to purchase exocad software

exocad does not sell directly but partners with many system integrators. For product support, offers or more information please contact one of our partners.

Please note: ChairsideCAD and exoplan are certified as Medical Devices for distribution in selected countries only. For further details please contact your reseller.

In the USA, dental abutments are regulated devices by the FDA and require a 510(k) clearance to be legally marketed. If you are using exocad abutment design software to design customized dental implant abutments, we encourage you to contact the abutment 510(k)-holder for further information on your regulatory obligations.

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