exocam – our integrated CAM solution

Two of the three top-selling 5-axis dental milling machines ship with exocam’s easy to use interface. There’s a reason for that.

With exocam, even novice users can take advantage of state-of-the-art CAM technology – seamlessly integrated with the CAD software.

exocam features:

  • Nesting of designs within material blocks
  • Production queue management
  • Material block management
  • Milling on premill/preform abutment libraries
  • Realistic multi-layer blank visualization (thanks to TruSmile technology)
  • Visualization of tool paths, milling simulation

Following our philosophy of offering ‘open, yet integrated’ solutions, exocam is available either as a complete CAM solution (including tool path calculation), or as a ‘nesting only’ variant for integration with tool path calculation algorithms purchased from 3rd parties.