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Dear exocad friends,

We’re event-hopping across Asia this quarter, and I couldn’t be happier. We’re hearing great feedback and enthusiasm among our partners about the most recent exocad releases and taking the opportunity to plan and collaborate on the next innovations to come. Check out our recap of where we’ve been and we’re going below.

Novica Savic, exocad CCO


We just wrapped up Sidex in Seoul and are gearing up to get back to Beijing for Sino-Dental and then on to the 2023 InvisalignTM APAC Summit for General Practitioners in Singapore. These events offer us a fantastic opportunity to see how our customers and partners are putting the most recent release features into action. Did you know you can follow us on WeChat? Check out some of our most recent posts there and stop by our booth in Beijing or Singapore for your own exoCat. 

exoplan 3.1 Rijeka TUTORIAL

Have you tried out the new exoplan 3.1 Rijeka for guided surgery and surgical guide design? Go deep into the software with our education specialists Elin Engfeldt and Clemens Schwerin in these new highlights videos!


Thank you for joining us for the last 25 News Bites! We hope you’ve enjoyed the monthly updates from exocad central. We’d love to know where you enjoy your News Bites. Send us a photo from where you read it—on your phone, in the office or lab. We have some fun surprises for the first to respond!



We’ve updated a fantastic resource for you. Do you know about our wiki? Click on the question mark while using our software, and you can now find all the answers you need in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Browse the helpful resources for your day-to-day work, accessible 24/7. Remember: Help is just one click away!


exocad put on its running shoes to participate again in the 10th Annual Merck Run for companies in Darmstadt, Germany. The company that plays together, stays together. Interested in joining our team?


UK dentist and lab owner Dr. Gulshan Murgai explains why exocad’s software for implant planning and guide design makes his work easier, faster and more accurate.


Implant prosthetic components
  • For our DentalCAD software:
    - 126 new component libraries (TruAbutment Inc., Uris Inc., Osstem Implant Co. Ltd., HiOssen® Implant)
    - 8 updated component libraries (Systhex© Ltda., Servo-Dental® GmbH & Co. KG, BioHorizons® Inc., Neodent® S.A.)
  • For our US FDA-cleared DentalCAD software:
    -  19 new component libraries (Vulcan Custom Dental, Straumann® Group, Keystone Dental Group)
    - 9 updated component libraries (Vulcan Custom Dental, BioHorizons® Inc.)
  • 86 new lab analog libraries for Model Creator (TruAbutment Inc., Uris Inc., Osstem Implant Co. Ltd., HiOssen® Implant, Keystone Dental Group)

13 new implant systems with support for 237 new implants:
  • For our exoplan software: 
    - 5 new libraries Oxy Implant - Biomec s.r.l. (63 implants)
    - 4 new libraries for Surgikor, LLC (107 implants)
    - 3 new libraries for ONEDAYBIOTECH Co. Ltd (65 implants)
    - 1 new library for Conexão (2 implants)
    - 7 updated libraries for Conexão (73 implants)
  • For our US FDA-cleared exoplan software: 
    - 4 new libraries for Surgikor, LLC (107 implants)
    - 2 new libraries for ONEDAYBIOTECH Co. Ltd (49 implants)
Guided surgery

Five new Guide Creator surgical component library systems:
  • implantswiss (including 110 implant compatibilities)
    - 1 surgical drill kit-, 1 surgical sleeve- and 1 fixation/anchor pin library
  • Implance (including 110 implant compatibilities)
    - 1 surgical drill kit-, 1 surgical sleeve- and 1 fixation/anchor pin library
  • Neodent (including 6 new implant compatibilities)
    - 1 Narrow GM surgical drill kit- and 1 new Narrow GM sleeve library
  • IDI (including 204 new implant compatibilities)
    - 1 surgical drill kit-, 1 surgical sleeve- and 1 fixation/anchor pin library
  • Anthogyr  (including 492 new implant compatibilities)
    - 2 surgical drill kits-, 1 surgical sleeve- and 1 fixation/anchor pin library

Two updates to existing surgical component library systems:
  • SIN: Update of SIN Easyguide kit, Optimized the coordinate system for all surgical drills
  • Neodent: Extended pilot sleeve library to support all 112 Neodent GM implants, Update of all the Neodent GrandMorse drill kits

New materials for Pro3dure DentalCAD 3.1 material configuration, distributed via dentalshare:
  • Milling materials: 
    PRO3dent® splint | MSI 
    RO3dent® base | MSI

  • 3D printing materials: 
    printodent® GR-10 guide | MSI 
    printodent® GR-10.1 guide | MSI 
    printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI | MSI 
    printodent® GR-14.3 denture HI | MSI 
    printodent® GR-19.1 OA | MSI

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Your exocad team

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