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Dear exocad friends,

Our new product launches continue! This month we’re pleased to roll out our most recent release geared toward clinicians: ChairsideCAD 3.1 Rijeka. This release comes packed with tools to boost patient engagement and accelerate treatment times—that, plus the intuitive steps, will transform your workflow.

Novica Savic, exocad CCO

ChairsideCAD 3.1 Rijeka LAUNCHES

The chairside solution you’ve been waiting for is here! We’re happy to announce the release of ChairsideCAD 3.1 Rijeka. Take your practice to the next level by going digital and offering your patients final restorations in a single visit. You can now design restorations on stock abutments, reuse anatomical designs along the patient journey, enjoy improved case management and so much more.


At exocad, we love opportunities to visit with our extended exoFamily. Most recently, we touched down in India for an exciting round of education and collaboration at the Digitize 1.0 conference in Mumbai. Hands-on learning and in-depth discussions made the trip truly memorable. Read some of the insights from conference organizers Digital Dental Forum about digital dentistry in India and lab-clinic collaboration in our exoBlog.


Due to high demand, we’re extending our promos by a month!

Trade in your active non-exocad dental CAD software license before May 31, 2023, for a discount on a new DentalCAD® Ultimate Bundle license. Our Ultimate Bundle, with its vast array of add-on modules included, offers you almost limitless possibilities.

Purchase a new DentalCAD Ultimate Bundle before May 31, 2023, and receive three exoplan core licenses included for one year. Keep one exoplan license and share the other two with clinical or lab partners of your choice. Enjoy the easy collaboration of one platform for tooth setups, pre-planning and fitting, and highly accurate drill guide production today! Please note: This promotion is not available for our customers in North America.


Ease production bottlenecks and add to your indications offered by sending cases to qualified CAD designers via dentalshare—all within your exocad software platform. Labs in North America can benefit from our partnership with design services partner Evident. Access fast, easy and secure collaboration. Set up your dentalshare account today!


Gabriel Sirbu from Rennes, France, says PartialCAD makes partial denture work fun, fast and precise. He explains why more lab techs schooled on traditional approaches should try it too.


Implant prosthetic components

New component partners: Medigma Biomedical GmbH, LockFit
  • 8 new component libraries (Sterngold, mist, Medigma, LockFit)
  • 19 new lab analog libraries (mist, Medigma, LockFit, Sterngold)
  • 30 updated component libraries (Sterngold, Avinent)
  • 14 updated lab analog libraries (Elos, Avinent)

18 new implant systems with support for 312 implants:
  • For our US-FDA-cleared exoplan software: 
    - 4 new libraries for Izenimplant Co., Ltd. (108 implants)
  • For our rest-of-world exoplan software: 
    - 12 new libraries for Bioservice™ S.r.l. (136 implants)
    - 6 new libraries for Izenimplant Co., Ltd. (176 implants)
    - 1 updated library for NeoKings® (20 implants)
    - 1 updated library for etk (22 implants)
Guided surgery

Three new sleeve, drill kit and fixation pin library systems:

  • Klockner Sniper system (including 136 implant compatibilities)
  • Nucleoss (including 28 implant compatibilities)
  • Dentsply Sirona Primetaper Kit (including 52 implant compatibilities)

  • Medentika:
    - New Minicone kit
    - Two outdated Microcone kits were merged into one
  • etk: Update of the sleeve library
  • Dentsply Sirona: Update of sleeve library
Revised Bicon Guided surgery library set

It came to our attention that the surgical drill registered in the exoplan library to be used for the Bicon “MAX 2.5” implant Ø 4.0mm, length 6mm was incorrectly labeled. Cases planned, and surgical guides designed, using “Bicon_MAX25_plan” implant library with implant order #260-340-256 (4mm diameter, 6mm length) in combination with “Bicon_sleeve” and “Bicon_4.0mm_kit” are affected. Other combinations of implants, sleeves and surgical drill kits are not affected.
Patient safety is our priority. exocad has no known information relating to any patient injury, relating to the combination.
The library defect has been fixed. Library users receive a message stating that a library in the planning is “unsigned.” Users notified by this warning should click “cancel” and not “continue.”
Users that want to use the above surgical workflow or work with Bicon implants in a fully-guided procedure should download the corrected version in our download portal.

  • New DentalCAD 3.1 material configuration for Harvest Dental, distributed via dentalshare
  • Updated DentalCAD 3.1 material configuration for Nobel Biocare, distributed via dentalshare
3D printers
  • New printer preset for Nexa3D XiP printer
  • New printer presets for Uniz NBEE & SLASH 2 Plus printers
  • Updated printer presets for DMG 3Delite & 3Demax printers

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Stay healthy!
Your exocad team

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