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Dear exocad friends,

Special offers, product launches, live smile design and more—we’re planning a very exciting program for you at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2023. Only a few weeks until we can meet in person to discuss the new innovations we’ve developed to improve results and simplify your life. Stop by to find out more!

Novica Savic, exocad CCO 


IDS is a big event, and we have some big offers. Join us in Cologne, March 14–18, for special tradeshow deals and hourly smile design demos at our booth A040/C041 in hall 1. Want to ask a few questions about the latest software releases? Stop by one of the 11 demo stations staffed by our application specialists. And don’t miss our international guest presenters Dr. Gulshan Murgai (UK) and Dr. Guilherme Saavedra (Brazil) as they share tips on how to blend our software solutions into a streamlined workflow.

NEW RELEASE! exoplan 3.1 Rijeka

Say hello to exoplan 3.1 Rijeka—the latest version of our powerful implant planning and surgical guide design software. This new release brings more clarity and confidence to guided surgery and streamlines communication between labs and clinics.

NEW! The simultaneous planning of implants and surgical guide design for both the upper and lower jaws. Also included: sophisticated tools to plan and connect with the patients while they’re in the chair and enhanced measurement and documentation features.

exoplan 3.1 Rijeka
is US FDA-cleared and available for use in the United States, as well as other selected markets. Additional markets will be added soon.


Hey, hardworking lab techs in North America. Too much to do and not enough time? We’ve got a solution. Now available through exocad: design services for labs looking to outsource overflow work and expand service offerings. We’re offering access to design services by Evident directly through our dentalshare platform. With this option, you’ll stay within the exocad platform throughout the entire process and easily handle production bottlenecks! Further selected design providers will be made available in more regions going forward!


Calling all exocad fans! We’d like to hear what’s important to you. Please take two minutes to share your thoughts with us.


In our drive to simplify and streamline life for you, we recently launched the xSNAP Module—a module that lets you create models with a printable articulator. Melanie Weimer, from the dental lab Zirkon Customs in Friedberg, Germany, took a pause during a busy day to share her thoughts about the module and a bit about herself.


Implant prosthetic components
  • 9 new multiunit/stock abutment libraries (NeoKings, adin, gmi, AoN Implants)
  • 42 updated component libraries (Elos, C-Tech, Champions)
  • 7 new and updated lab analog libraries (Elos, C-Tech, MedicalInstinct, Champions, Nobel Biocare)

Support for 10 new implant systems with support for 203 implants:
  • For our US FDA-cleared exoplan software: 
    - 1 new library for SGS Dental (25 implants)
  • For our rest-of-world exoplan software: 
    - 2 new libraries for SGS Dental implant (56 implants)
    - 3 new libraries for Bio-Fix (72 implants)
    - 4 new libraries for FMD (50 implants)
Guided surgery

Five new Sleeve, Drill Kit and Fixation library systems:

  • bredent (including 144 implant compatibilities) including fully guided workflows for different bone densities
  • plenum (including 72 implant compatibilities) including fully guided workflows for different bone densities
  • JDentalCare (including 334 implant compatibilities) including fully guided workflows for different bone densities
  • 2INGIS universal sleeve
  • New DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka material configuration for Formlabs, distributed via dentalshare
  • New DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka material configuration for Nobel Biocare, distributed via dentalshare

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Please send an email to news-bites@exocad.com. We look forward to your message.

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Stay healthy!
Your exocad team

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