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Dear exocad friends,

Hard to believe we’re on the heels of a new year. The past 12 months have sped by in a whirlwind of releases, reunions, and reminders of what holds us together as a community: the aim to improve people’s lives through technology and better care. I want to deeply thank everyone in this exocad family for your support and enthusiasm. We had a wonderful year. I have no doubt 2023 will yield even more exciting developments for all of us.

Tillmann Steinbrecher, exocad CEO 



Asia HQ opening in Seoul, Insights in Mallorca, DentalCAD Rijeka, dozens of meets and greets, workflows enhanced, friendships made and even a new headquarters in Darmstadt—2022 was a year to celebrate. We enjoyed every moment with you.


This holiday season, we’re happy to announce that we’re donating to the nonprofit Mini Molars Cambodia e.V., a Hamburg-based organization dedicated to providing dental care for children in need in Phnom Penh. A large part of the donations came from exoplan T-shirt sales at Insights in Mallorca this past October and from exocad employees. Mini Molar’s founder Dr. Ulf Zuschlag says, “We see so many children who have been in chronic pain and unable to attend school because of dental problems. This donation will help put hundreds of them on a healthier and happier path.”


Did you know you can book a training session directly with the exocad team? Hear what one lab tech has to say about his experience:

“This was a great way to learn something more specific to my needs. The training was aimed specifically at full arch implants. I needed the technical know-how and techniques to use the program in order to create the digital temporary appliance. Then when the patient was happy and healed, we could go to a final finish with a full Zirconia framework.” – Simon Barret, dental technician at Velvet Digital in the UK.


The new year kicks off to a solid start—events in São Paolo, Dubai, Chicago and Cologne are on our itinerary. Those are our first stops, but there will be many more chances to connect with us in 2023 to see what we’ve been working on and how we can help you.


We are pleased to announce an update to DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka based on your feedback. The service release (engine build 8349) is now available for download. Please contact your reseller to upgrade to this version. New features in the service release include:

  • An integrated 3D preview of scan data and designed files to DentalDB improves the clarity of your project before loading it into the CAD software
  • New integration of the jaw movement system ITAKA Way Med
  • New 3D printing options in Model Creator: Easier part removal from the build plate with files for cutouts and more stability in hollow models with a new honeycomb support structure
  • New virtual articulator "Ivoclar Stratos 300 adjustable" available


We’ve talked to exocad super users for the blog. Kristina Vaitelytė could be described as a super user and a super fan of digital dentistry. Kristina gives us her view on how digital workflows can attract more young people to the dental field and shares her favorite DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka features.


Implant prosthetic components
  • 4 new component libraries for our US FDA-cleared releases: Bicon
  • 13 new component libraries (Alpha Dent, ML-Steeldec, Titaniumfix)
  • 11 updated component libraries (Alpha Dent, Medentika, Digital Arches, Dess, Neoss)
  • 7 new and updated lab analog libraries (Bicon, AlphaDent, Titaniumfix, Neoss, Steeldec)

Support for 25 new implant systems with support for 505 implants:
  • For our US FDA-cleared exoplan software: 
    - 5 new libraries for AoN implants (102 implants) 
    - 7 new libraries for IBS implants (147 implants) 
    - 4 new libraries for Osstem (36 implants) 
    - 1 updated library for Osstem (39 implants)
  • For our rest-of-world exoplan software: 
    - 5 new libraries for AoN implants (108 implants) 
    - 2 new libraries for Biotech Dental (36 implants) 
    - 7 new libraries for IBS implants (174 implants) 
    - 4 new libraries for Osstem (52 implants) 
    - 6 new libraries for Kinetical (94 implants) 
    - 1 updated library for Osstem (41 implants)
3D printers
  • New printer presets: Phrozen Sonic 4K & Sonic 4K XL
  • All printer presets are now optimized for a better editing experience

Do you have any feedback for us?
Please send an email to news-bites@exocad.com. We look forward to your message.

Missed an issue? Visit our News Bites Archive.

Stay healthy!
Your exocad team

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