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Dear exocad friends,

I have exciting news! We’ve set a place and date for the exocad event of the year. Now, all we need is you. Please join me and the rest of the exocad family for our Insights 2022 in October. This time on the gorgeous Spanish island of Mallorca. We’ll have fantastic opportunities to learn and great chances to connect while enjoying the Mediterranean sun and beaches. I can’t wait to see you there.

Tillmann Steinbrecher, exocad CEO


We now offer more than 100,000 components in DentalCAD, ChairsideCAD and exoplan! Thanks to the hard work of our system integration team, we have an expansive and approved library collection available for you. Let’s run the numbers. With exocad, you receive support for 80,500+ validated implant prosthetic components and 10,800+ implants, 4,000+ denture teeth, 2,900+ lab analogs for Model Creator, 2,000+ surgical components, 150+ dental materials, and 130+ attachments. Together with more than 270 technology partners, we’re adding more components all the time! 


¡Hola, amigos! Block your calendars for exocad Insights 2022, taking place October 3-4, 2022, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. After two successful Insights events in Darmstadt, Germany, we've decided to bring our biannual community fest to the beautiful island of Mallorca. Join the exocad family flying in from all corners of the world to learn, share and talk all things exocad. This is an event you won't want to miss. Sign up here to be the first to get event updates.


We had a blast with you at LMT® LAB DAY® CHICAGO and at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. We hope you could talk shop with some of our official exocad Aces who were on site. Our Aces aren’t just photos on the wall at exocad events, they’re real users of our software. These leaders in the dental industry love connecting with the dental community to offer insights into how digital dentistry can improve outcomes and revolutionize daily work. Learn more about our two Aces who joined us in Chicago, Dr. Diana Tadros and Dr. August de Oliviera .


How did a lab owner go from two to 22 employees in a few years? Read our latest exoBlog interview to find out how Steve Campbell, a 30-year veteran of the lab industry, turned his business from old school to cutting edge. Hungry for more real talk from colleagues you trust? Be sure to scroll through our latest exoBlog stories for advice on improving communication between labs and practices, simplifying workflows, creating better patient experiences, and more.


Here is our news for you this month:
  • 7 new Bicon implant prosthetic component libraries for our US FDA-cleared release
  • 12 new implant prosthetic component libraries, 10 new lab analog libraries (AB-Dental, NTI, i-Physio, Avenir, Henry Schein, Panthera)
  • New Dentium (South Korea), Dentis (South Korea), Implant Logistics (US) and an update for Keystone (US) Surgical Sleeve and Kit Libraries for Guide Creator
  • New Neodent (Brazil) EasyGuide Surgical Sleeve and Kit Libraries
  • New TRI dental implant libraries for our US FDA-cleared exoplan release (4 libraries)
  • New Intraoss (4 libraries), Trausim (2 libraries) and an update of the Neodent (1 library) implant libraries for exoplan
  • New 3D Printer presets for Detax and Ackuretta
  • Material Integration page for 3D printer materials now includes compatible exoplan materials
  • Update for CEKA attachment library

Do you have any feedback for us?
Please send an email to news-bites@exocad.com. We look forward to your message.

Stay healthy!
Your exocad team

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