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Dear exocad friends,

We have a great resource to tell you about. Our exocad shop is open and ready for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Current DentalCAD perpetual license holders can browse the online shop, buy upgrades or additional modules and get installation support from the experienced exocad team. We’re very happy we can provide this frequently requested service to our valued customers and participating resellers.

Novica Savic, exocad CCO


We’re in the Windy City from now until February 26, taking part in two major U.S. dental events: LMT® LAB DAY® CHICAGO and Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. Stop by for exciting demos, meet-and-greets with thought leaders and the chance to learn about the latest developments in digital dentistry. Reserve a spot for the Lab Day lecture series and open forum with exocad execs. Or stop by the Midwinter Meeting to see case presentations and meet our exocad Aces Dr. August de Oliveira and Dr. Diana Tadros. And don’t miss out on the special deal to be announced at our booth Friday, February 25, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., during “brews and bargains.”


As an exocad user, you benefit from the relationship with your reseller for installation, training and support. As an additional service, we are launching the new exocad shop, in cooperation with participating resellers. This online service is open to all current DentalCAD perpetual license holders. They can now log in to our shop and purchase modules and upgrades directly. For upgrades purchased through our shop, we will help you with the installation and to get things up and running with the new version.


We know the best advice usually comes from those who have been there and done that. That’s why we’ve launched exoBlog - our online resource for insider interviews, case studies and more. These community insights will help guide you along your digital dentistry journey. Did you ever wonder what’s the best first step to take if you want to go digital? Would you like to build buzz around your new digital practice? Could you really work anywhere in the world remotely as a lab tech? Questions like this and more will be covered in our exoBlog. Read it and get inspired!


We’re heading to England soon for some must-see events. Cruise up to Manchester for the North of England Dentistry Show on March 12, where we’ll showcase our latest innovations. Meet us at the BDIA Dental Showcase in London, March 25-26, for an insider view on how to raise standards in oral care. Or you can connect with us in person at London’s Digital Dentistry Show, April 23. Swing by for a cup of tea and a chat. We can’t wait to see you.


At exocad we are committed to combatting piracy. Of course, it’s bad for business, but most importantly, it’s bad for the people we serve. When people buy unofficial software, they open their computer systems to hackers and make themselves vulnerable. We would never want you to put yourselves, your clients or your patients at risk. If you’re concerned that your software may be unofficial, please visit our website for more information. We have easy resources to help make sure you’re working with tried-and-tested exocad software. Hear what our CEO Tillmann Steinbrecher has to say on the topic.


We have a lot of library integration news to share this month:
  • 12 new implant prosthetic component libraries, 12 new lab analog libraries
  • 82 implant prosthetic component libraries updated, 24 lab analog libraries updated
  • 28 new implant prosthetic component libraries now include Immediate Load workflow compatibility
  • Added information regarding scanbody type (intraoral/desktop) to library download portal
  • New download portal filter to show libraries that include FDA-cleared parts (US portal only)
  • Improved filter naming for Lab analog and ImmediateLoading-compatible library filters
  • New exoplan implant partners (18 libraries): Prodent Italia (7 libraries), Mode Implant (6 libraries), Notch (3 libraries), Implatech (2 libraries)
  • New Sleeves and Kit Libraries for exoplan Guide Creator:
    • S.I.N. Implante
    • Bio Horizons
    • SIC Invent
    • TiOne
  • Update of the VITA Vionic Denture Tooth library set

Do you have any feedback for us?
Please send an email to news-bites@exocad.com. We look forward to your message.

Stay healthy!
Your exocad team

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