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Tillmann Steinbrecher, exocad CEO

Create next-level restorative designs
with DentalCAD 3.0 Galway

DentalCAD 3.0 Galway will accelerate your digital dentistry workflows significantly! Two of our most innovative new features include:

  • Instant Anatomic Morphing: The tooth anatomy adjusts and adapts in real time with each tooth movement.
  • Artificial Intelligence: In Smile Creator facial features are automatically detected, reducing the time spent manually defining them and getting you to an esthetic proposal faster.

    How digital workflows increase productivity
    and profitability for labs and offices

    From Disaster to Master: Watch the recorded webinar of Dr. Diana Tadros sharing her journey into digital dentistry.

    Continuously Growing:
    Implant libraries for CAD | exoplan | Denture teeth

    over 71,000 verified components

    exocad has significantly increased the number of implant libraries within exoplan and DentalCAD Galway. In fact, there are too many to list in this single newsletter.

    In total, our exoplan database currently supports more than 9,550 implants from more than 90 different manufacturers. Plus, 170 sleeves and countless drills and drill keys provide a highly flexible solution for guide design with GuideCreator.

    The introduction of DentalCAD Galway has enabled us to expand our component database. There are now more than 4,200 libraries containing a whopping 71,000+ verified components like scan bodies, titanium bases, stock abutments, multi-units, and lab analogues.

    Our denture module now includes more than 490 tooth molds and 3,500 denture teeth. Our database is updated daily.

    exocad libraries are a free benefit that our customers who have a permanent exocad DentalCAD license with currently active upgrade contract or an exocad DentalCAD/ChairsideCAD/exoplan Flex License can download.

      The fast 3D viewer for all your devices

      Take your exocad designs wherever you go!
      exocad webview lets you check out exported DentalCAD scenes both in and outside the office, on desktop Windows App) and mobile, through our app for your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Or visit the sleek web app by visiting webview-dental!
      exocad webview isn’t limited to your dental work either. Open and check out all kinds of 3D models and share them with us on social media

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